About us

typeandlist.com is a website. It provides platform for learning and for information acquisition. Various articles and courses are available here. You can learn and get information through courses and articles.

Hi, I am Amresh Kalshetty and creator of this website. Whenever I want to learn something as well as want some information, then I access internet and getting information and learning from it in some cases. While going through it, I realised, there are various factors badly affecting to learning as well as getting information through internet. Then one thought came in my mind, why not to create one platform, which will provide better learning and reading experience to the learner and reader.

I registered domain name as typeandlist.com on 03-06-2017 and running this website. I know, now this is just a website look like normal websites and there is nothing special than other but we are in process to develop better platform of my thought and adding some new features and you are going to see it.

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