Epicyclic gear train

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Published Date: 2019-07-25
Modified Date: 2019-07-25

Epicyclic gear train is also known as planetary gear train. Epicyclic gear train is a special type of gear train which is used to transmit motion and power from one shaft to another shaft. In simple, compound and reverted gear train , gear shaft axis is fixed or not movable but in epicyclic gear trains, the shaft axes are not fixed means the shaft axis is movable. There is a relative motion between the gears axis. Epicyclic gear trains may consist of simple gear trains, compound gear trains and mixed simple and compound gear trains. The advantage of epicyclic gear train is that, it can get very high or very low velocity ratio compared to simple gear trains and compound gear trains. In epicyclic gear train, different types of gear are used like spur gear, helical gear, bevel gear and many more. These gears are different in size and have different number of teeth, which is used to achieve speed up or slow down the final output.