Type of Gear Trains

What is gear train?

Gear train is a combination of gears and used for transmitting motion and power from one shaft to another shaft. Gear trains are used to achieve large and different velocity ratio in small area or space. Gear trains are use for increasing or reducing speed of driven shaft. Examples of gear trains use in machines are lathe machine, milling machine, in watch and many others. Different types of gear trains are as follow.

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Type of Gears
Gears are classified by the relative position between two meshing gears, relative velocity of meshing gears, profile of tooth of gears, position of meshing gears shaft and type of meshing.
Types of Gear Box
Gear box is a combination of gears and gear trains in a box. Different types of gear box are as follow. Sliding mesh gear box, Constant mesh gear box, Epicyclic gear box,...
Types of Fluid Flow
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